Pawan Kalyan Takes A Potshot on Balakrishna

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Pawan Kalyan who is in the middle of a Political Tour in the Godavari districts has taken potshots on Nandamuri Balakrishna, his co-actor and also an MLA of the ruling party representing Hindupur constituency. In to the details, in an interaction with some fans in Bhimavaram, it was brought to his notice that Police department has filed cases on fans who rode bikes at a Janasena rally removing the silencers for causing sound pollution.

Pawan Kalyan alleged that it is a conspiracy of the ruling party through the Police to harass Janasaniks and questioned why people who resorted to firing in their house are still roaming outside. He is referring to Balayya and Bellamkonda Suresh incident which happened a few years ago. Balakrishna has made some unpleasant comments on Pawan Kalyan earlier and this seems to be a retort from the Janasenani. It has to be seen if the war of the words from both the sides in the coming days. Pawan Kalyan who has cordial relations with TDP in the last elections differed with the party and has announced contesting alone in the next elections. He is being too critical of the state government for the last couple of months.

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