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Pawan Kalyan is shaking twitter with his emotional and sensational tweets from a couple of days. Especially Pawan Kalyan is breathing fire on Raviprakash, Srini Raju, and RK. The actor is continually creating a sensation with his tweets which are pointing all the three.

Now the actor has welcomed all the three for new show arey O samba HukumSardar in twitter. Pawan posted that in this program will bring us some simple chitchat, gossip, photos, videos etc including some steamy affairs.

Here are the tweets for you folks

#1 త్వరలోనే సరదాగ , కాలక్షేపం కోసం “అరె ఓ సాంబ !! హుకుం సర్దార్ !!  ప్రోగ్రాం మీ ముందుకు రాబోతుంది ..i #areyOsambaHukumSardar

#2 #areyOsambaHukumSardar  program will bring you some simple chitchat, gossip, photos, videos etc..from our Samba’s world.

#3 P.S And also steamy affairs from our Samba’s world

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