Pelli Choopulu Strategy for Care of Kancharapalem

Suresh Babu presented a small film, Pelli Choopulu way back in 2016 and the movie went on to become a big blockbuster. The movie is the biggest hit that year when we consider the Return on Investment. To create the much-needed buzz for the movie then, Suresh Babu arranged some Special Shows of the movie before the release and let the good talk spread about the film. Now, he is employing the same technique for his next release, Care of Kancharapalem which is another small film.

The movie is all set for a grand release on September 7th. The likes of Celebrities like Rajamouli, Sukumar and Krish have hailed the offbeat film that has residents of Kancharapalem playing main roles. It was shot in the village and is slice-of-life. Of the 85-member-cast only 5 are from Hyderabad, the rest are locals with no acting experience to speak of. stories of eight central characters. The protagonists are of varied ages, ranging from the age of 13 to 50. The Indie film directed by a newcomer, Venkatesh Maha was screened at the New York Indian Film Festival this Summer.