Petta Telugu Live Review

Last updated on August 2nd, 2019 at 12:36 pm

Live Rating: 2.25/5.0

Rajnikanth faces failure with Petta. The storyline is a big disappointment. Rajinikanth and Vijay Sethupathi are big assets of the film whereas Simran and Trisha with limited roles. Only Tamil version may work out and that too for a certain extent only. Coming to Telugu version, this film will run short in the race with other festival releases.

9.00 AM IST: A big climax fight movie comes to an end.

8.55 AM IST: Rajini and Sethupathi join hands to attack Nawazuddin and the climax scene are rolling out

8.50 AM IST: Sethupathi escapes and he is attacking back, the Director has revealed the relation between Sethupathi and Rajini in a gripping manner

Movie is just a routine subject, without any novelty in the storyline

8.40 AM IST: Rajini Traps and catches Vijay Sethupathy

8.35 AM IST: Rajni goes to Nawazuddins place. Time for Petta Paraak song and it is a good one.

As of 8.30 IST Petta has collected $464,045 from 227 loc.
8.25 AM IST: Flashback completed, storyline is Back to Present, the reason for students attack by Vijay Sethupathy and Rajini is revealed.

8.20 AM IST: Trisha and Sasikumar killed in bomb blast attack by Nawazuddin. Rajanikanth and Sasikumar wife escapes from the blast

8.15 AM IST: In a Family rivalry Rajinikanth kills Nawazuddin Siddiqui brother. Nawazuddin Siddiqui is hatching revenge against Rajini.

8.10 AM IST: Time for Aaha Kalyanam song. This song is not so, great. Trisha makes her entry as Rajini Wife

8.00 AM IST: The second half started with Petta’s flashback episode. Sasikumar made entry as Rajinikanth Friend

First half of the movie is done, but, there is not much impressive about the storyline. Rajini presence and his vintage styles made audience stick to their seats. The second half of the film is very crucial, to make the audience live up to their expectations. Let us wait and see how the director will lead the second half

7.45 AM IST: ‘Petta Veera’ the real name of Rajinikanth is revealed. The film reaches halfway.

7.40 AM IST: Again a big fight, now the Movie connects with the opening fight scene and it this fight is best picturized in typical Rajini style

7.30 AM IST: Vijay Sethupathy gang Attacks a student in Hostel, but Rajini saves the student

7.25 AM IST: Time for Ullalla song with Rajni and juniors

7.20 AM IST: Vijay Sethupathy entry as a gang leader of getting lovers married on Feb 14th

7.15 AM IST: Clash between Bobby Simha, Rajini, and Bobby Simha’s father

As of now, the film is going in Little slower pace

7.10 AM IST: Time for second song Pedhavi Chivarikey song is a good number. Rajani and Simran are getting closer.

7.05 AM IST: Simran entry as Megha Akash’s mother Rajini meets Simran to convince Megha Akash’s love ( Simran looks a bit elderly)

7.00 AM IST: Megha Akash entry as a student and she asks Rajinikanth to help her love.

6.55 AM IST: Rajinikanth (Kaali) goes against the hostel food contractor who is Bobby Simha’s father. After that Rajinikanth becomes a rivalry for both Bobby Simha and his father.

6.50 AM IST: Bobby Simha maintains a gang and rags juniors. Rajinikanth (Kaali) warns Bobby Simha and says no more ragging.

6.45 AM IST: College Senior students ragging juniors and now its time for mass beat song Massu Maranam

6.40 AM IST: Movies storyline spinned back to 6 months

6.35 AM IST: Rajinikanth (Kaali) entry as Hostel warden with a good action sequence

6.30 AM IST: Movie has just Started with 172 minutes Run Time

Superstar Rajinikanth’s Petta is all set for a grand release. The film which has completed its censor has been awarded U/A certificate. The run time was locked at 2 Hours 52 Minutes which is considered as very lengthy by normal film standards. Due to the lack of theaters, the film is not having a massive release in Telugu states. Director Karthik, famous for his films ‘Pizza’ and ‘Mercury’is a huge Rajinikanth fan who has ensured the film will befit the superstar. Watch this space for live review and it will be updated on 10th – 06:30 AM IST.

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