Poonam Kaur targeting top director?

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Poonam Kaur is one of the talented beauties who had failed to build her career in a big way. The actress who was out of the light for so many years was in news with her sensational tweets. From the last couple of weeks, the actress is targeting few industry people.

The actress has once again raised the eyebrows with her latest tweets. This time the actress targeted a director who maintains a close rapport with Pawan Kalyan. Here is the series of tweets.

Mainly  ‘Jalsalu choopistu agnyathavaasam lo esestadu …Jaggeratha #namakadrohi’ tweet has grabbed the eyeballs and many are questioning that what are these satirical tweets for? Is she going to open up on her allegations and reveal who is behind these innuendos? Let us wait and see.

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