Prabhas And Mohan Babu’s Nose Competition

Mohan Babu is a legendary celeb in Tollywood. He is someone everyone is scared of because of his short temper. It would take a lot of courage from someone to make jokes in front of him. But it seems Baahubali Prabhas isn’t one of them who is intimidated by Mohan Babu’s persona.

Recently a video has gone viral where Prabhas can be seen joking around Mohan Babu. Prabhas is bragging that in his childhood he used to cut Tomatoes with his nose. In the beginning, Mohan Babu didn’t get what Prabhas is trying to say. Then later when he understood, Mohan Babu gave a retort to Prabhas saying that he used to cut the heads of chicken with his nose. Everyone present around them burst into laughter by Mohan Babu’s joke.

It is rare to see Tollywood stars bonding and joking around. It was a great sight to see Dialogue King Mohan Babu and Prabhas indulge in some silly comedy. Prabhas and Mohan Babu have acted together in Puri Jagannadh’s Bujjigadu in 2008. We would wish to see them act together again.

As witnessed in the video, Prabhas seems to have gained a lot of weight which might be a huge concern for his fans as he got a lot of backlash for his looks in his last movie ‘Saaho’.