Prabhas Turning A Curse For UV Creations?

Prabhas delays Jaan again

The banner of UV Creations is almost like a home banner for Rebelstar Prabhas. He shares the deepest friendship with producers Vicky, Vamshi, and Pramod who established UV Creations. Their first venture Mirchi was a huge success but their last collaboration Saaho was a mishap.

The makers lost a huge amount of money but still, they went on to plan another huge budget film Jaan with Prabhas. After the debacle of Saaho, Prabhas has asked director Radhakrishna to rework on the script of Jaan as he isn’t convinced. Prabhas has left for another vacation while Radhakrishna is busy again polishing the script of Jaan.

Because of Jaan, UV creations had to hold on the commencement of other small and medium budget projects. Only after the release of Jaan they will have clarity on which films to produce next. So in a way, Prabhas and his movie Jaan have turned out to be stumbling blocks for UV creations.