Prabhas Fans Troll Siddharth

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Young Rebel Star Prabhas is A National Wide Phenomenon post the super success of the Baahubali series. He will be celebrating his Birthday on October 23rd which is 100 days away. Some enthusiastic fans have decided to celebrate it with a hashtag 100DaysToKingPRABHASBday and have already made more than 550K tweets on this Hashtag. One such tweet reached Actor Siddharth who made a comment which irked fans.

Siddharth has joked that they could as well say that the birthday of the ‘Baahubali’ star is 465 days away. “Hashtags thrill but kill. Please use them with some discretion,” Siddarth has said. This did not go well with the fans who trolled him big time.

Defending his comments, Siddharth added, “Day by day the #Hashtag is becoming a joke. I think people can laugh at a joke. Nobody needs to leave Twitter. Relax, take a deep breath and laugh at a joke. Being abused by people is common on Twitter. Social media culture and fan behavior have gone to another level of abuse. Why should anyone be scared to make a joke? People need to get serious and angry about many serious issues; not about jokes! Jokers will joke.” He maintained that Prabhas is a dear friend and will understand all this.

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