Prabhas Mighty Annoyed with Production House

Prabhas is unhappy with UV creations

Everyone knows that UV creations, is like a home banner to Prabhas. Prabhas also has a share in the profits and loss of the production house. UV creations has produced movies such as Mirchi and Saaho with Prabhas previously and are also producing his upcoming film in the direction of Radha Krishna.

We recently reported that Prabhas fans trended ‘against the production house on social media for the lack of updates on the title or the first look of the film. The hashtag #BanUVcreations trended worldwide. Now it seems this has come to the notice of Prabhas that has seriously annoyed him.

An inside source claims that Prabhas is irritated by this behavior of his ‘Darlings’ Vamsi and Pramod. Even though the UV Creations ensured the fans that there will be an update on Ugadi, there was no such update. There has been a disappointment among fans from the Saaho time as this production house delays in giving updates to the fans regularly.

It’s high time Prabhas comes out and reaches out to his fans soon through one of his social media accounts to give an update they are eagerly waiting for.