PrabhudevaÂ’s son weeping

It is learnt that Prabhudeva and Nayantara are praying in temples for the fulfillment of their marriage. At the same time an irate Prabhudeva’s wife Ramlatha vowing to see how that girl who separated them hopes to lead a life. She said in an interview that, “I am also affectionate to people when people from cinema industry used to visit us. After all we are part of cinema industry. That is how I treated that girl in the beginning. She used to address us with due respect whenever she visited us. But never did I know that she had this ulterior motive in her mind. Would I have trusted her to the extent that she could come to me with a request to give up my husband? This is something no woman can ever ask another woman. That was the first night in life I never slept. That too this happened when I was recovering from the shock of the death of Vishal my first son who died due to cancer”. 

She also added that even Prabhudeva never used to take care for Vishal’s well being. After the burial, he took off with that girl. After Nayantara, Vishal’s death became secondary. This is what happens when someone enters the house by addressing you as ‘sister’. Even the children were affectionate to her as she used to get them sweets and dresses whenever she visited. The children now know that she had other intentions. They tear way her photographs and switch off the TV if her films were shown. In the middle of the night my son Adith wakes up to ask me ‘mummy, where is daddy’. They are affected psychologically. “How does she hope to be happy after separating my husband from me” whimpers Ramlatha.