PrabhudevaÂ’s wife was upset.

Ramalatha was upset with her husband Prabhudeva’s behavior. When Prabhudeva goes to outdoor shooting, he used to talk with his wife and children on phone. When Prabhudeva is busy at “Urimi” shooting in Mumbai, Ramalatha called him but he didn’t respond to his wife’s call. She thought that her husband would return to her after the shooting, on September 24th. But she was disappointed and it is heard that Prabhudeva is staying with Nayanatara in a star hotel in Hyderabad.

Prabhudeva is avoiding his wife Ramalatha when he decided to marry Nayanatara. It is heard that Ramalatha’s optimistic attitude is the reason for Prabhudeva’s behavior. Moreover, he is preparing to marry Nayanatara and he is busy at marriage arrangements.