Pragya Jaiswal Interview On Achari America Yatra

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Pragya Jaiswal is romancing Manchu Vishnu in his next film, Achari America Yatra which is finally releasing on 27th of this month after a lot of postponements. The actress has interacted with the media on this occasion. Here are the excerpts of the interview:
What is Achari America Yatra About?
Achari America Yatra is a Pakka Commercial Entertainer. It is another laughing riot by Vishnu and G Nageswara Reddy. An entire family can go to the theaters and watch it.
About your Character in the film?
I will be seen as an NRI Girl in the movie who is cool and beautiful. It will also have a high dose of emotions.
What is the story of the film?
I come to India on an occasion where love blossoms between me and Vishnu. The rest of the story is all about the journey Vishnu does to win me.
What do you think are the highlights of the film?
The film is entertaining from the start to the end. The scenes which come in the combination of Vishnu and Brahmanandham are very funny. Those scenes are the major highlight of the film.
About the accident during the shoot?
It happened during a Bike Stunt in Malaysia. I am sitting along with Vishnu. Both of us sustained injuries and luckily we are saved with no fatal injuries.
You acted with Manoj as well as Vishnu – Who is the Best?
Both of them are good. Manoj is always funny and energetic. He always keeps joking on the sets. But Vishnu is serious and disciplined. He wants to be perfect in everything.
Are you happy with your career?
I am certainly happy. I started with a Period film like Kanche and later did Nakshatram which has ample scope for Action. Now I am doing an emotional performance in Achari America Yatra. I am enjoying this journey.

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