Prathi Roju Pandage Live Review

Supreme Hero Sai Dharam Tej’s Prathi Roju Pandage is gearing up for release on December 20th as Christmas Special. The movie seems to be targeting the family audience with the story about a grand father and his grandson. Raashi Khanna is romancing Sai Dharam Tej in this movie.

Here is for Prathi Roju Pandage Live Review, Rating.

Prati Roju Pandage Live Review rating: 3/5

As Director Maruthi says in the beginning of the film, Prathi Roju Pandage is a simple story but he ensured that it is packed with good comedy and emotional scenes with a bit of lag towards the climax. A bit of novelty in the story would have done wonders to the film. Sai Dharam Tej and Raashi Khanna have done well. The songs are okay and Rao Ramesh is the major highlight. The Production Values are decent. The dry season until now will help the movie to bring audience to the theaters. People who have apprehensions of a routine story may not enjoy it fully but those who go with an open mind may like it.

4:32 PM: Climax is how Sai Tej teaches the family members a lesson. The movie ends with a routine and happy ending.

4:25 PM: Some emotional scenes are going as the Climax is here

4:18 PM: Another fight with Satyam Rajesh and Ajay on the banks of Godavari. Shirtless Sai Tej reveals his ripped body.

4:08 PM: Thakita Thakita Song Time with the entire family. Ordinary Song

4:04 PM: Family Dinner Scene. Rao Ramesh Comedy is Excellent.

3:58 PM: Knowing that Sathyaraj is still alive, his disappointed children want to go away. Sai Tej now entices them with a secret gift bag which will bring them an extra share of property. They stay back to impress him.

3:43 PM: Time for You are my High song. Its a Set song and is decent.

3:32 PM: The first half concludes. It is a pretty decent fare so far targeting family audience. Rao Ramesh is the major highlight with his excellent comedy timing. If the second half fares similarly, we have a box office winner for this Christmas.

3:24 PM: Sathyraj faints and gets admitted to hospital. Rao Ramesh and other family members comedy scenes going on thinking their father passed away.

3:11 PM: Time for the Title Song. It is a pretty decent song. All family members coming together in this song

3:02 PM: Sai Tej ensures Sathyaraj and Vijaya Kumar are united after several years. As of now, movie is going on at a decent pace.

3:00 PM: Satyam Rajesh and Ajay enter as Sink Brothers. A Comedy fight follows with Sai Tej over Sathyaraj’s land dispute.

2:53 PM: In the USA, Rao Ramesh commits to marry his son to Murali Sharma’s Daughter. Time for O Bava song

2:47 PM: Sai Tej wants to make his grandfather happy in the final days. One of Sathyaraj’s wish is to marry him to his old friend turned foe (Vijaya Kumar) daughter (Raashi Khanna). The actress enters as a Tiktok Celebrity

2:32 PM: Time for First Song, Chinnataname sung by Vijay Yesudas. Sad Song with Sai Tej’s Childhood Memories

2:27 PM: Story shifts to Two days ago in Rajamundry. Sathyaraj diagnosed with Lung Cancer and has only five weeks left. He has five sons and Rao Ramesh is the eldest. Good Comedy by Rao Ramesh.

2:16 PM: Sai Tej just lands in Hyderabad Airport from USA and narrates his story to Senior Naresh. Rao Ramesh is his father who loves his son a lot and Sai Tej comes India for his Grandfather (Sathyaraj).

2:15 PM: Showtime Prathi Roju Pandage