Prati Roju… Lottery or Liability For The Makers?

Prati Roju Pandage Business Dynamics for the makers

Director Maruthi’s Prati Roju Pandage is going to have a grand release this week and is expected to be the strongest opener among the Tollywood releases. Ruler and Donga might trail behind Prati Roju Pandage as far as box office opening is concerned because the songs and trailer of this Sai Dharam Tej – Raashi Khanna starrer have clicked with the audience.

If we talk about the dynamics of the budget and pre-release business then Prati Roju Pandage’s production cost is 16 crores and an additional 2 crores were spent on the promotional activities. The theatrical rights of the film were sold at Rs 18 crores which is on par with the film’s budget. The makers UV creations and Geetha arts have clinched in huge profits close to 14 crores as the non-theatrical rights are picked up for record prices.

The film has turned out to be a huge lottery for the makers, now the audience will decide the fate of the distributors who have bought the film.