Pre-Production Begins For Most-Awaited Dubbing Film

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Kannada Dubbing film, KGF has emerged as a big hit across the country. In Telugu, it is one of the biggest hits of 2018 in terms of Return on Investment. The Trade is eagerly waiting for the release of the film’s Sequel. The makers have already completed 15% of the Sequel Shoot along with the first part.

Before the release of KGF, Yash planned to attempt his other project ‘My Name is Kirataka’ before moving on to KGF-2. But due to the extreme demand and hype for KGF-2 from the trade and the audience, the makers have decided to complete and release KGF-2 first. The makers are planning the schedules of KGF-2 and the movie will go on floors very soon. Thanks to the film success, there is a tremendous demand for the dubbing rights of KGF-2 and Yash’s previous films.

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