Prematho Mee Karthik Director Interview

Rishi is making his directional debut with Prematho Mee Karthik releasing tomorrow. The young director who struggled a lot in the industry before getting his first chance with Prematho Mee Karthik pinned high hopes on this film. Here is Exclusive Interview with the director:

Hi Rishi, What is Your Background? 

I hail from Vijayawada and is very interested in films and direction since my college days. My parents naturally said No. After a lot of struggle managed to become Assistant Director to B.Gopal and now has turned into a director. My Real Name is Satya and Screen name is Rishi.

Who is Your Inspiration?

 I am in awe of films since my childhood. I used to watch every film. I have no particular favorites in heroes or directors but used to take good qualities wherever I find.

How Many Films did you work as an Assistant Director?

About 12 Films

Whose Story is Prematho Mee Karthik?

This is my story. I wrote it two years ago. There is no particular inspiration for the story and it is all about everyone’s life these days. We are all into material life and missing the essence of life. The story is all about that.

The Story has NRI Link up and at the same time has family entertainer shades. What is it actually?

The story begins with Murali Sharma who has settled in the United States 25 years ago. But he loses everything and turns back to see what he has done to his life. He gets back to India with his son and what happens later forms the rest.

About your Hero?

Karthik is trained in all the departments of filmmaking. He is passionate about the film just like me. He is keen on becoming film since his childhood and also acted in some short films. Karthik’s Uncle, Ravinder Reddy is the film producer.

About the Heroine Simrath Kaur?

She is a new girl and new to the camera but did a good job.

About the Music?

The story is an emotional drama and needs soulful music. The music has to gel into the mood of the film. I brought in a Malayalam Music Director Shaan Rahman to ensure perfect quality music which is the niche of Malayalam film industry.

About Gollapudi Garu? Did He Help You?

He helped me. It is not about me doing the film whatever I wrote in the script. I took it forward taking everyone’s advice.

You Worked with Lot of Seniors? Whose Experiences helped?

Murali Sharma Garu… Sumitra Garu..Gollapudi Garu..Prudhvi Garu… Everyone gave valuable experiences. Their advice helped the film very much.

Dil Raju is releasing the movie. How does it feel?

Dil Raju is the care of family film. Dil Raju’s films go to the homes of the audience. Our confidence increased after he agreed to release our film. Dil Raju started this year with Shatamanam Bhavathi and will be finishing it with Prematho Mee Karthik. I am confident that the movie will work.

How About Commercial Elements in the film?

We did not add commercial elements in the film just for the sake of masses. We went with the flow of the story.

Your Future Plans?

I have several plans but things do not go as per our plans. We do not know what happens end of the day. It has to be seen what happens after the movie release.

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