​Prince honours outstanding people

Super Star Mahesh Babu enjoys tremendous fan following among all sections of people. He not only endears them on silver screen but also thrills being the brand ambassador of many products.

He recently honoured outstanding people as a part of campaign named Thumbs Up Being Human Veer. American India Foundation and its partners trained more than 1000 participants in the first year of campaign and of which 573 have been employed in 147 companies. 127 are employed in Hyderabad with ACE Social Foundation.

Mahesh delighting all of them and honouring them said "Despite their disabilities, the VEERS displayed a true ‘toofani’ spirit and have done exceptionally well for themselves in their respective areas of interest. After having met these five VEERS, I’m sure that there are many others like them that have received similar training and are working hard towards success," He went on to add "It is individuals like this that embody the famous saying ‘where there is a will, there is a way’, and are an example from which all of us should learn,"

​Prince honours outstanding people
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