Priyadarshan imports lights to light up jungle

Looks like our Bollywood filmmakers are slowly head ing towards technical perfection in their films and the latest to join the bandwagon is director Priyadarshan. Apparently, he has done everything to ensure that there are no loose ends in the making of his forthcoming venture Aakrosh.

Sources inform, "Priyadarshan needed to light an entire jungle for a particular scene, which was no mean task. So he called in for a special kind of light from Germany, known as the balloon light. Even though it cost the makers a mighty amount (` 60-70 lakhs), Priyan didn’t think twice before importing it. The balloon light is capable of lighting up huge expanses as it gives a low moon kind of effect." This will also be his first serious film after a spate of comedies.

"Since the film is based on a real story of honour killings in Bihar, he wanted to shoot it there itself. However, due to certain unfavourable conditions, that didn’t happen.

So he recreated a Bihar village in a small town in Tamil Nadu named Karaikudi. He also got a few locals from Bihar so that the setting looked perfect. Needless to say, the end result is something worth watching out for," adds the source.

Priyadarshan imports lights to light up jungle
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