Priyamani follows Anushka

The grapevines are spreading in industry that Priyamani who has been doing all glamorous and performance oriented characters so far in her films is all set to play a warrior princess in an upcoming Telugu film, which will take the audience 400 years back. Anushka is the one who created this type of trend with “Arundhathi” and now Priyamani also following Anushka. According to our close sources this movie will be directed by Prem Arya, who is an associate of filmmaker Anishankar. The young director says Priyamani will play a warrior princess in his movie. The shooting would apparently take place at ancient fort in Chandragiri near Tirupati from Dec 5th. One has to wait and watch if Priyamani will become as popular as ‘Jejamma’. Meanwhile, Priyamani has agreed to do another author backed role with director Samudra in a contemporary saga.