Priyanka Chopra sharpened her nose

Priyanka Chopra may be the muse of many males, but this Bollywood hottie is getting wrinkled.  Priyanka Chopra’s recent appearance at the ‘Being Human’ show raised a couple of collective eyebrows over her new… pert nose. Speculation was rife that PC had gone under the knife, and that the actress had gone off to fix her nose in… London!

Strange rumours are considering that Chopra’s parents run an aesthetic and cosmetology clinic in suburban Mumbai itself.

A source reveals, "Priyanka has always been unhappy with the shape of her nose and always wanted to get it fixed. She felt that a sharper nose would enhance her features a lot more. Though, there are no details of where she’d got it done, there is little disputing that she’s very happy with the results."

Priyanka Chopra sharpened her nose
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