Producers Scared of Vijay Shanti’s Demands

Vijay Shanti who made a comeback with Sarileru Neekevvaru is said to be demanding huge pay. Since she was the highest paid actor next to Mahesh Babu in Sarileru, the actress is quoting higher fee for the projects which are approaching her. She is also demanding the makers that her character should have full-length role with good importance. Seeing her demands and remuneration quote, many producers and directors are dropping the idea to cast Vijay Shanti in their films and looking out for some alternative options. Meanwhile, Vijay Shanti and her PR team is posing as if she doesn’t want to sign any movies in hurry with the success of Sarileru and claiming that she is very choosy and selective about her roles and films. But the truth we hear is that many makers are scared to cast her seeing her demands. Also it is buzzed that Vijay Shanti is feeling too high about herself and feeling that she is the reason for the success of Sarileru. Whereas, everyone know that Sankranthi festival release added with Mahesh Babu’s stardom has bailed out such poorly-written script.