8 crores for Allari Naresh! Can He Pull it off?

Producers spent whopping amount on Allari Naresh's Naandhi

Allari Naresh has been lying low with no hits for many years. His only film that worked was Maharshi where he played the side role of a friend to Superstar Mahesh Babu. He is now coming up with an intense prison drama film titled Naandhi. Today, the teaser of the film was released by the makers which received a good response from the audience. This is the first time Naresh is playing such a gritty character in his career and it does offer a new feel.

Now we have some interesting facts about the budget of the film. According to our sources, the makers of Naandhi have spent 8 crores on this film. Allari Naresh market is down these days and even if his film does well his market is not more than 5 crores. So 8 crores budget is way beyond his market value and the film has to be phenomenally good to recover such huge investment. We wonder what made the producers spend so much!

Let’s hope the producers crack a good deal with the digital and satellite rights which will help in recovering the costs involved in making Naandhi.