Shock: Puri challenge Journalists to publish Big names

Puri challenges Journalist publish Big names

From past couple of days, Tollywood is shaking with drugs related issues, Top heroes and heroines from the Telugu film industry are reportedly on the contact list on a mobile phone seized from Calvin Mascarenhas, the alleged kingpin of the massive drug racket busted earlier this month in Hyderabad. Base on call list Enforcement department sends notices to 15 Tollywood celebrities who are involved in Drugs related conversion with Calvin.

Out of 15, only 12 names likes Puri Jagannath, Ravi Teja, Charmi, Mumaith Khan, Tanish, Navdeep, Art Director Chinna, Shyam K Naidu, Nandu, Tarun, Subba Raju and Srinivas  are came out in media circles on Yesterday as the persons who served notice by Special Investigation Team (SIT). Among those 12 people Navdeep and Subba Raju openly given a statement in TV channels that they received the notices but they have not involved it any drugs scam.  Whereas Nandu, Chinna, Tanish openly stated that they didn’t receive any notice, it’s fake news in media. Tarun released the paper states that he is not involved in any Dugs case and news is hurting his family.

But Star director Puri Jagannath who is well known for sole attitude reacted in a different way which shocked the media persons who contacted him to know his view on relating his name to Drugs case. According to reports, yesterday night some media persons contacted him to know that actual truth behind the SIT notice to him, then Puri made an open challenge to media that why they are not revealing the other 3 person names who received notice from SIT. Puri asked out 15 members only 12 person names came out why other 3 person names not revealed, I will tell those three persons names do you have guts to publish those names? Puri challenged media journalist.

When media journalists accepted his challenge, Puri revealed those names as, Collection King Mohan Babu’s son Manchu Manoj, Ace Producer Suresh Babu’s second son Abhiram and producer Allu Aravind’s elder Son Allu Venkat aka Bobby.  Puri said, these biggies sons also received notices from enforcement department but media is not publishing their name because media don’t have guts to publish these biggies son’s names…

Puri also revealed the truth that he was used the drugs long ago, not now. He said, when I lost huge amounts and my family is literally on roads, I went into depression and I used to take drugs but not addicted to it, now I am completely concentrating on my career. From past three to fours years I am completely away from drugs. I am victim not accused of drugs, I will appear before enforcement officials and gives the clarification what they needed from me.

Puri’s version was not come out because some popular media circles don’t want to take risk of publishing those top biggies son’s names. One of the popular PRO posted the Puri’s statement on his twitter page which is circulating viral in social media.

Let us wait and see will media dare to publish those top celebrities son’s names who received notices from SIT or still it will remain silent….