Puri Behind Charmme Not Getting Married?

Puri Jagannadh Obnoxious comment on Anushka's Marriage

During the recently held ’15 Years of Anushka’ event director, Puri Jagannadh made some brash and irresponsible comments about Anushka.

Puri revealed how he saw Anushka in Mumbai at a hotel and later his wife selected her for ‘Super’ movie opposite Nagarjuna. Puri stated that he decided to change her name to Anushka as her real name Sweety was too simple. Then one of her fans asked Anushka about her marriage plans.

Puri Jagan then grabbed the mic and openly said that he doesn’t like heroines to get hitched and wished Anushka to stay single forever. This comment sounded pretty stupid as many were shocked how come a married man with kids can talk so brazenly. Many were also wondering if Puri is the reason behind his partner cum actress Charmme not getting married. Did Puri brainwash her that being single is the best and not getting married is the best way to stay away from problems?

Maybe yes, maybe no… we don’t know!