Puri Jagannadh’s Visionary Advice For Modi

Puri Jagannadh( File Photo)

Plastic Ban is the primary slogan we are hearing more now a day. Some NGO’s and The Government are strictly fighting against using single-use plastics to control pollution. The combat had taken a severe turn from when Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that India would phase out single-use plastics by 2022. From many corners, PM Modi received appreciations for the blanket ban on single-use plastics.

But Ace director Puri Jagannadh has raised some valuable questions on this combat. He questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi that is single-use plastics are just the sole reason behind climate change? If So If the government bans using single-use plastics, then it would eventually lead to the rise in the use of paper bags. Due to the development, it will subsequently show the effect on deforestation and cutting trees, which I also more dangerous.

So before banning single-use plastics in India, the government should take precautions to set up plastic recycling units. If the government set up plastic recycling units and pay incentives to people who give plastic, then it will bring a significant change. Along with that, the government has to take care of planting trees and forestation.

In this two-page letter, Puri Jagannadh not only pointed out the flaws of the combat but also extended the solutions and measures for it. This two pages letter of director Puri Jagannadh is evident and is thought-provoking. Let us wait and see will our Prime Minister Narendra Modi will take this valuable feedback or not. Stay tuned for this space for more interesting and latest updates.