Raahu Movie Live Review

Raahu is a romantic action thriller film written and directed By Subbu Vedula and produced by AVR Swamy, Raja Deverakonda, Sri Shakthi Babji, Subbu Vedula Under Sri Shakthy Swaroop Movie Creations Banner. The movie cast includes Abe Raam Varma and Kriti Garg are in the main lead roles.

Here is the Raahu Movie Live Review

MyFirstShow Live Review Rating: 1.75/5

Final Report: The Second Half is better when it is compared to the First Half. Only songs are better to talk, and Krithi Garg has done justice to her role. The director has failed in shaping up the film in an interesting manner. The Production values are also not up to the mark. Overall the movie cannot sustain near box office due to lack of known faces. The film may also fail to impress movie lovers on digital platforms due to  a weak story.

11:30 AM: Krithi Garg Defends herself from Baddie. The movie comes to an end.

11: 20 AM: Satyam Rajesh entry as a police officer, and he gets killed.

11:10 AM: Here is a big twist Prabhakar is an innocent guy. Krithi Garg is in trouble with an unexpected twist.

First Half Report: The first half of the movie has nothing interesting to talk about. Two songs are good and let us wait and see will the director do any magic in second Half or not.

11:00 AM: Movie shifted to present Krithi Garg escapes from the kidnappers. She goes into Prabhakar’s house, unknowingly. Time for a break.

10:55 AM: Time for Entha Chuda Chakande Song

10:50 AM: Aberaam Varma and Krithi Garg get married secretly without informing her father they want to prove her father that the Astrology was wrong.

10:45 AM: As per Astrology if they get married Krithi Garg will die in 30 days.

10:40 AM: Time for second song Kshanama Kshanama

10:35 AM: Aberaam Varma becomes a cop. The marriage of Aberaam Varma and Krithi Garg gets canceled due to mismatch of astrology.

10:35 AM: Time for Emo Emo Emo song. The song which was shot between the lead pair is decent.

10:30 AM: Movie is running in two paces. One is a flashback, and the second one is present Kidnap Drama. In flashback mode, Aberaam Varma fell in love with Krithi Garg.

10:20 AM: Movie shifted after 10 years. Time for Giridhar and Chalaki Chanti entry, they kidnapped Krithi Garg and taking in a car.

10:15 AM: Kiran Ganti entry as Krithi Garg’s father, and He was a cop. Prabhakar( Goon) challenges him that he will kill her daughter.

10:00 AM: Movie started with the childhood scenes of Krithi Garg. Krithi Garg has a disorder, and she gets blind when she sees blood or gets panic.

9:50 AM: Movie Started Titles Rolling