Race Movie Review

Movie : Race

Rating : 2.25/5

Director Ramesh Raparthi

Behind the screens

Ramesh Raparthi, who has strong film background and who earned reputation with his short films in Nigeria is making his debut on Tollywood silver screen with ‘Race’. Let us see what impact he makes with his film.


Childhood buddies Chaitanya aka Chai (Bharat Kishore), Abhi (Vikram) and Siddhu (Karthik) who are all bachelors plan to go on a holiday trip. After much consultation, they fly to Bangkok where they engage a taxi driver PK. Bose (Srinivas Reddy). While Chiatu and Siddhu are happy go lucky guys and more interested in ready money, Abhi is grounded in his approach. While Chai ditches his girl friend Anjali (Nikhita Narayan) for his boss daughter, Abhi finds one in Bangkok named Arthi (Disha Pandey). There will be sudden twist when they find themselves with one million dollars in hand and what happens next should be watched on silver screen.

Star Shine

Film features all debutants. Bharat Kishore looked chubby as Chai while Vikram emoted well in couple of scenes. Karthik delivered his dialogues in spontaneous manner. Disha Pandey and Nikhita Narayan have no scope for acting but Disha got one scorching song to show. Srinivasa Reddy’s comedy is entertaining. Others did their job quite well. Debutant  actors if they improve upon their shortcomings like dialogue delivery, voice modulations and emoting in front of camera, then they have bright future.
Ramesh Raparthy, the director prepared a good storyline with suspense elements in it. After watching the film one will not get bored but gets a feeling that the storyline could have been handled in a better manner. Most of the film is concentrated more on showing beauty of Bangkok than get into the crux of the story. Entire first half passed until money hunt begins. Then again in the second half, when one should have concentrated on speeding the story, director wasted time on romance and other elements. Slow pace of the film and bad editing killed the film.
Production values are ok. Editing could have been better. Cinematography is excellent which showed entire Bangkok in beautiful manner. Music and BGM has long way to go. It failed to make impact. Stunt choreography is good.

Movie Marks
Race is not in success race.

Director : Ramesh Raparthi
Producer : Anne Ravi
Starring  :  Disha Pandey, Bharat Kishore, Nikitha Narayanan, Karthik, Vikram
Country  :  India
Language : Telugu
Release Date    1 march 2013