Raj Tharun to join fade off list?

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There are so many youngsters who are available for medium and small budget films. Raj Tharun is one of the actors who were in the choice of Small film producers. Although Raj Tharun has risen as a star after scoring a couple of blockbusters right now his market was down due to back to back failures. Right now he needs a decent hit to build his career in the right way otherwise he will join the list of heroes who got fade off. Tharun, Varun Sandesh, Uday Kiran, Siddharth are some heroes who ruled the box-office at one point but later they eventually slipped off the limelight due to the wrong steps in choosing scripts.

As there is a lot of new talent in Tollywood so obviously there is no shortage of young talent. So Raj Tharun has to take extra care before signing his next projects. If one more flop added in his kitty then definitely we can say that the small producers would not dare to make a film with him.

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