Rajamouli precautionary measures on leakage

Film industry is shivering with leakage problems and it has been increased after leakage of Power star Pawan kalyan “Attarintii Daredi” movie before its release.  Film makers are taking required precautions to prevent leakage problems. Ace film maker Rajamouli is also doing same for his upcoming film ‘Baahubali’. Although Rajamouli has taken care much about the film not to leak images, dialogues, scenes or songs from the beginning but leakage is coming somewhere other. After getting a clearance from the Telugu Censor Board, the director had applied for censor in other languages.
According to a source, he has appointed a team who will ensure that no one enters the hall when the film is being screened for censor. He also requested the operator to leave the projection room once the film starts screening. It’s really very tough time for Rajamouli to prevent the story leakage while he is not willing to be out before its release.