​Rajamouli reveals Baahubali storyline

Rajamouli prestigious venture Baahubali is attracting the attention of everyone. This is proving to be boon and bane for the filmmakers. Many are comparing the film with that of Hollywood films like 300 after watching the trailers.

Rajamouli speaking to scribes rubbished the criticism. On the rumours that he used 3D technology he said he didnot like the format and never used it in his film. On comparisons with Hollywood flicks like 300 and Hercules, he said "I don’t know how the comparisons can happen. It’s a different film… there are no similarities."

Revealing the storyline he said "It’s the simple story of a father who has been back-stabbed, a mother who has been enchained for no wrong of hers and the story of a son who takes revenge. The two parts span two generations."

Film starring Prabhas,Rana,Anushka,Tamanna is releasing in a grand manner on July 10th. Film’s teasers are got compliments from all celebrities and many like Rajinikanth,Amitabh Bachchan wished to be part of the project.

​Rajamouli reveals Baahubali storyline
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