Rajasekhar About PSV Garuda Vega

PSV Garuda Vega directed by Praveen Sattaru will hit the screens on November 3rd in a grand way. Starring Dr. Rajasekhar in the role of a gusty, sharp-witted NIA officer, this one boasts of superb action sequences and rich technical values. Here are the excerpts of Rajasekhar’s Interview:

What is the Backdrop of this PSV Garuda Vega?

I am making a comeback to films after a long time. PSV Garuda Vega is releasing on a large scale and has invested a whopping 30 Crore for this film. I have made Mahankali and Gaddam Gang previously which failed because they are not to the tune of my image. But Garuda Vega is apt to my image.

About Director Praveen Sattaru?

Praveen Sattaru approached me with a script ‘Magadu Part-2’ when people are asking me for villain roles and character artists. I was stunned with the subject but doubted his capability but all my doubts are dispelled in the first day of the shoot itself when I saw the set of NIA office set.

Making Such Costly Film At This Stage of Career?

I always wanted to do such films but the producers were not ready. Praveen Sattaru came with this script at that time when I have zero market. During my flops, I promised my parents not to produce my films. But this script came at that time but my father brought the producer. Koteswara Raju who is his friend. The producer was initially ready only for 5 Crore but he liked the subject very much. Finally, the film which was planned in 8 Crore emerged as a 25 Crore film towards the end.

Subject Detailing Involved in the film?

We interacted with NIA and CBI officers for the roles and offices used in the movie. We took intense care in every detailing of the film. Praveen Sattaru worked for the film publicity, production and business as well. The credit if the movie succeeds at the box office will certainly go to the director. He never gave me scope for spot improvisation.

How Confident Are You About the Film?

We were all spellbound right when the First Look Teaser is released. We were stunned by the response of the teaser. It received Five Million views in five days. Everyone was asking about the movie release wherever I go. I thought my parents will be proud after the movie success but my mother’s sudden demise came as a shock to me. I am sure of the movie success.

How Your Mother’s Demise Affected You?

I was right beside her when her pulse stopped. I as a doctor would have saved her if I gave her the emergency medicine in time. I was fully guilty. So, I wanted to show the film to jail inmates who landed in jail due to unexpected and little faults of them. I am doing my best to promote the film as a tribute to my mother who wanted me to succeed.

How About the Movie Business?

The USA is the first area business we have closed. My previous films never released there. That is the indication of the interest in the movie even though I lost my market a long time ago.

Title Meaning and Your Role?

Assistant Commissioner of NIA Department. Nassar Plays My Superious. It is the story of the Personal and Professional Lives of the Assistant Commissioner. I am not allowed to release what is PSV Garunda 126.18M. The title meaning will be revealed only in the movie.

What is the Difference Between Garuda Vega and Your Previous Hits?

My Previous Hits have loud action as per the character demand. The audience used to like it that way. But in this film, Praveen Sattaru gave a natural treatment for the role and I did a subtle performance in the film. It will be a different feel in this movie.

Will You Do Character Roles?

I got 30-40 such offers previously. After Garuda Vega becomes a success, if someone approaches me with an exciting character like Arvind Swamy in Dhruva, I will certainly do that. I will do a villain in a film with Balayya as a lead role and Praveen Sattaru direction if they come up with a script.

What is Your Expectation on the Movie Collections?

Praveen Sattaru and Jeevitha convinced the Producer to invest 20-30 Crore. We always believed the subject and are confident of the movie success. We have seen small films like Pelli Choopulu made on a shoestring budget collecting 25 Crores.


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