Rajasekhar’s Second Daughter Debut Confirmed

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Rajasekhar and Jeevitha’s elder daughter, Shivani is making her silver screen debut very soon. She is currently shooting for Two States opposite Adivi Sesh and she has also bagged an offer in a Tamil movie. Two States is the official Telugu remake of Bollywood Blockbuster film, Two States. And now, their other daughter, Shivatmika is also foraying into the film industry.

Senior producer Suresh Babu is going to produce her debut film that will be set in the rural Telangana backdrop. A new director will be helming this project. The official announcement of this project will happen very soon. She is being trained in acting, we are said. Sources say that it is an interesting project and Shivatmika will have ample scope to perform in her first project itself. Earlier, Shivatmika wanted to pursue a career in the education field but she has changed her mind after her sister is turning busy as an actress. On the other side, Rajasekhar got a break late in his career with his last film, PSV Garuda Vega. He is now teaming up with Awe fame Prashanth Varma for his next project. The film is in the Pre-Production phase and it will start rolling very soon.

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