Rajini and Shankar’s “Robot”/”Endhiran” hype in USA

Its celebration time once again for Rajinikanth fans across the globe. As soon as the release date of the RajiniShankar magnum opus “Endhiran/Robot” was announced by Sun Pictures, the excitement in Seattle took on surprising proportions. Accordingly, Seattle Superstar Rajini Fan Club, decided to make the “Endhiran” premiere tickets sales launch a memorable occasion. A colorful event was organized at Mayuri Videos, Redmond, the only store in Seattle which sells the exclusive ‘collector’s edition’ tickets for “Endhiran”. A huge cake with an icing message, ‘“Endhiran” Tickets Sales Start’, was cut on the occasion. Apart from the local fans, it was said that other fans from Portland (Oregon State), Idaho and other parts of Washington State thronged the store and grabbed the tickets. It is interesting to note that Rajini’s charisma has lured even the Americans into making a beeline for the film’s premiere. Mr. Kal Raman, founder and CEO, Global Scholar, who is a die-hard fan of Rajinikanth and Dr. Somasekar, Corporate VP, Microsoft, who has always encouraged and supported the Tamil community, also graced the occasion the ticket price for premiere has created a new record for “Endhiran”. Tickets were priced at $40 for “Endhiran”.

Rajini’s earlier film “Sivaji” had tickets priced at $25 for the premiere. For Kamal’s “Dasavatharam” it was $15.