Rajini enjoyed at a Theatre play

It was a visual treat for all those who had gone to watch veteran actor and theatre personality Y Gee Mahendra’s popular play Venkata3 last weekend. 

Yes, those who had gathered for the play couldn’t believe their eyes when they came face to face with Superstar Rajinikanth himself. There was a sudden flutter among the crowd when Rajinikanth made his entry. The Superstar, who was his effervescent self, greeted the audience with a vanakkam and once the play started rolling, he was seen enjoying every bit of the comic caper. 

Bursting out into peals of laughter in between, the Superstar was so engrossed in the play that he seemed unaware of all the excitement in the hall. Y Gee Mahendra, the director of the play, effused, "He loved the play. He messaged me saying, ‘Superb, fantastic! It’s one of the most intelligent comedies I have ever seen”. Very good script and dramatization! 

Needless to say, it was a dream comes true for all those present!

Rajini enjoyed at a Theatre play
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