Rajinikanth advised Nayantara.

It is learnt that Rajinikanth advises Nayantara when she was in troubles, when Nayantara broke up with Simbu, the media went to town covering pages about the broken relation. That time, Nayantara was acting with Rajini in “Chandramukhi”. Seeing the disenchanted girl, Rajini would often console her as well as advice her.

Now that Nayantara is again in trouble with her new relation with Prabhu deva, Rajini has again offered his advice to her. Nayantara recently shot for an ad at Kelambakkam. Rajini was in hall nearby, giving an interview about “Robot/Endhiran” to Sun TV. On hearing of this, Nayantara met him.

He told Nayantara that he had heard of her love for Prabhu Deva through the media, advised her not to hurt Prabhu Deva’s wife Ramalatha and finally wished her all the best!

Lets us hope that Nayantara will follow Rajinknath’s advice. For updates stay online with www.myfirsthsow.com

Rajinikanth advised Nayantara.
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