Rajinikanth Even in Memes of England Police

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Superstar Rajinikanth is a Brand not only in India but also in several countries across the globe. In countries like Japan, he has fans on par with Tamil Nadu. Now, England based Derby Police shared a photograph of an offender on Twitter. Apparently, they had conducted a breath test on a citizen who was driving, and the results were bizarre. The BAC in his body was 0.341%, which is equal to driving under a surgical anesthetic, or being in a coma.

The tweet read “A male subject to a breath test by Derby Police this morning provided a reading that biologically shouldn’t even be possible. The male had a BAC of 0.341% which is like driving while under a surgical anesthetic or being in a coma. Oh, and he has two prior life disqual’s”. They posted a picture of Rajinikanth from 2.0, saying the dialogue “This is beyond science!”.

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