Rajinikanth in guest Role.

It is well known that, Super Rajinikanth is a very simple man and he is ‘down to earth’. Once again he approved his character. 

Coming into the news, when the premiere show of “Robot” was held in Mumbai, Aamir Khan met Rajinikanth. He has asked Rajini if he could appear in a guest role in his next directorial venture.  

Despite Aamir’s hesitant question, Rajinikanth did not even ask for story or script, but straight away agreed to do so.  

When you are in a high position and yet show humility, the world will respect you and the is the exact resemblance of ‘Down to Earth’.

Let us wait few more days to see Rajinikanth in Guest role. For more updates stay online with www.myfirstshow.com

Rajinikanth in guest Role.
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