Rajinikanth is aggresively promoting “Robot’,Hindi

For the first time in his career, superstar Rajinikanth is aggressively promoting his film. Taking a leaf out of Bollywood stars like Amir khan, Shah Rukh Khan and other actors, Rajinikanth, is currently in Mumbai to promote ROBOT and also hold a special screening for the Bachchan family and for Dev Anand. 

Earlier, for the first time, the star promoted his film on a Tamil television channel and also attended the premiere of the film in Chennai. This is widely discussed in Kollywood circles as the elusive ‘king of Kollywood’ has never done any road shows or promoted any of his films till the release of his latest flick “Robot/Endhiran”. All these years, the superstar had a ‘mysterious halo’ around him and used to disappear from Chennai at the time of his films release, with his PR managers stating in hushed tones that "the superstar had left for the Himalayas!"

Says Sudhangan , noted television host and writer who has been tracking Rajinikanth for years, "I’m shocked that Rajinikanth is promoting his films like other ordinary stars. I always believed that that the name itself is a brand and is a super saleable commodity. I feel the magic of Rajini works because he is larger than life and needs no television promotion to sell his films". 

But Sudhangan is part of a minority segment as some experts think otherwise. A Chennai-based marketing executive said, "Today, all major brands need recall value. I feel Rajinikanth is doing exactly what the market demands. Even at this age, he has been able to connect with the up market savvy audiences with his disarming ways and frank talk. I hope people are aware that Robot, a dubbed version of a Tamil film and not a straight Hindi film, stood very well against the might of Bollywood’s new youth icon Ranbir Kapoor’s “Anjaana Anjaani” that released on the same day. Hats off to Rajini sir as he has taken on Bollywood stars who are born marketing gurus." 

According to a Mumbai-based source in a television rating agency, " The build up to Rajinikanth’s Robot release and all the hype and hoopla associated with it on its release day in Chennai surpassed the viewership of other major breaking stories like the Ayodhya judgment or the CWG coverage. Even Bollywood heroes have not got this kind of coverage on our news channels! Rajinikanth is truly a pan-Indian phenomenon."