Murugadoss’ Biscuit To Rajini Fans

Rajini's next with Murugadoss Again

Director AR Murugadoss is an expert in making tall claims before the release of his film. If you guys remember during the pre-release interviews of SPYder he assured Mahesh Babu fans that SPYder will be Mahesh Babu career’s biggest hit. But after the release, it turned out to be the biggest disaster in Mahesh Babu’s career. Mahesh Babu fans still haven’t forgiven Murugadoss for delivering a dud like SPYder. Now he is trying to repeat the same gimmick with Rajinikanth and his fans. In the pre-release event, he assured superstar fans that Rajini’s performance will enthrall them like never before.

However, Superstar Rajinikanth will move on to director Siva’s next. AR Murugadoss hasn’t planned on what he will direct next but it seems he is trying to trap Rajinikanth once again after Darbar.

But will Rajini give him another chance, may or may not be. The box office result of Darbar will give us a clear picture.