Raju Gari Gadhi 3 Review

Raju Gari Gadhi 3 Review - File Photo

Movie: Raju Gari Gadhi 3

Rating: 2.25/5

Director: Ohmkar

Behind Screens

TV anchor turned director Ohmkar brings us the third installment of his horror-comedy franchise Raju Gari Gadhi. As usual, his brother Ashwin plays the lead role along with Uyyala Jampala beauty Avika Gor who is looking for a break in Tollywood after a series of flops. We are reviewing the film to let you know if it is worth watching this weekend.


Ashwin is a crooked auto driver who is nothing but a nuisance in his colony. Maaya (Avika Gor) is a doctor who is haunted by a Yakshini who kills anyone who tries to propose Maaya. The colony members decide to teach a lesson to Ashwin by making him propose to Maaya. The rest of the story is all about how Ashwin marries Maaya by getting rid of that Yakshini ghost.


Ashwin has done a neat job though nothing exceptional. He has improved his comic timing and he is good while imitating NTR and ANR in the initial episodes of the movie. Avika gets a raw deal as she has no scope to perform except for the climax. No wonder Tamannaah left the movie in the middle. The highlight of the film has to be the trio of Ali, Ajay Ghosh and senior actress Urvashi who create plenty of laughs by their histrionics in one of the episodes in the second half. The intelligentsia might not enjoy this type of comedy but for the frontbenchers, it is a treat. Getup Srinu, Brahmaji, Sivaji Raja, Dhanraj, Hariteja have done their bit.


Ohmkar took a one-line story and couldn’t develop it into a proper script. There is no coherency in the narration as no connection is established between one scene and another. The first half is a complete mess with only one good horror scene. The second half is slightly better with one episode clicking for its massy comedy. Other than that we see no reason why this script was approved in the first place. The music by newcomer Shabir is no great shakes though the item song has been shot in a very raunchy way which will please the sex-driven masses. The VFX and BGM are some of the plus points of the film. The cinematography is flat with routine camera angles which we have seen in countless horror films. The production values are fair as the film is made on a shoe-string budget.


Raju Gari Gadhi 3 is just another attempt to cash in on the craze of the franchise. The second part didn’t do well but at least there was some effort put into it. This one is plain boring for most of the part. The film might attract a few footfalls in the first weekend due to the franchise craze but after that RGG3 will find it going very tough at the box office. Unless you have a lot of money and time to waste there is no other reason to watch this low-brow horror-comedy Raju Gari Gadhi 3.

Movie Marks:

Housefull of silly jokes and no horror.

Cast: Ashwin, Avika Gor, Ajay Ghosh, Urvashi, Ali, Getup Srinu, Brahmaji, Hari Teja, Dhanraj.

Music Director: Shabbir

Banner: Oak Entertainments

Release Date 18th, October 2019