Ram Charan To Fly USA?

Mega power star Ram Charan has taken a break from the shoots of RRR for almost a month and a half period as he was injured while shooting for an action sequence. The actor who was fully recovered is now all set to join the shoots.

If the latest buzz in the Film Nagar is to be believed the mega hero will soon visit the USA for a quick session of training. It is also heard that Charan was advised by Rajamouli the director of RRR for this training as he ultimately lost out of shape during this break. On the other hand, Alia Bhatt, who has to join the shoots form July, has been delayed due to her ill health.

As of young tiger, NTR is shooting for some actions sequences. All these obstacles may affect, which is scheduled to release on the 31st of July. Let us wait and see how makers are going to coverup these back to back unexpected breaks from the actor.

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