Ram Charan’s Special Request to Fans

Mega Power Star Ram Charan is turning 35 on 27th of this month. Mega fans across the globe are going to celebrate this on a large scale. Rashtra Ram Charan Yuvatha had planned a large scale celebration on this occasion. They have booked Ravindra Bharathi as the venue for the celebration event. However, Ram Charan had released a Press Note requesting his fans to avoid such celebrations because of the coronavirus pandemic.

coronavirus pandemic

“We are in an abnormal situation and it is time that we all avoid mass gatherings. Please avoid celebrating my birthday this year. If you fulfill your social responsibility that would be the bigger birthday gift to me,” he requested fans. He asked his fans to try to spread the awareness of coronavirus to the common people. It is already known to our readers that Ram Charan along with his RRR co-star released a Coronavirus Awareness video.