Ram Gopal Varma Clarifies Tiger KCR Controversy

Ever since Ram Gopal Varma announced KCR Biopic titled Tiger KCR, there are apprehensions that the controversial director would create unnecessary rifts between both the Telugu States. The Song he released as well also indicated the same. Ramu finally clarified about it saying that Andhra Pradesh people will not be shown in poor light in the film.

“The film #TIGERKCR is not going to be against Andhra People. It will be against only a few Andhra leaders who created humiliating situations for Telangana people KCR loved all Telugu people, and his war was only with those Andhra Leaders who were backstabbing Telangana people (sic),” Ram Gopal Varma Tweeted. On the other side, there is no word about the release of Lakshmi’s NTR in Andhra Pradesh.