Ram Gopal Varma Making a Joke of Nagarjuna

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King Nagarjuna and Controversial Director Ram Gopal Varma’s Officer is gearing up for 25th of this month release. There is absolutely zero buzz on the movie due to its unimpressive promotional material and the poor form of Ram Gopal Varma. On the other side, Ram Gopal Varma has started promoting the film and in one of his interviews, the ace director revealed that he will very soon remake Officer in Bollywood with King Nagarjuna in the lead role. If this happens, it will mark the return of Nagarjuna to Bollywood after a long time. But then given the bad form of the director and the disbelief of Producers and Trade in him, no one would really trust him at this moment. But by this kind of announcements, Ram Gopal Varma is making a joke of Nagarjuna. Already many are wondering why the Superstar at the height of his career would give a chance to Ram Gopal Varma.
The ace director completely made a mess of it with the controversy with the Mega Family on Sri Reddy issue. The duo who have delivered classic films like Shiva and Antham should pull off a wonder from here for the movie to appeal to the audience in the theaters. Nagarjuna will be seen as SIT Officer in this story based out in Mumbai. A newcomer Myra Sareen is romancing Nagarjuna in this film. Nagarjuna in an interview went on to say that he liked the film story very much and also revealed his role in the film which is based in Mumbai. “I play a cop who is straightforward, honest and the one who fights for the truth he believes in,” Nagarjuna said.

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