Ram Gopal Varma Scared of Balayya?

A few days ago, there was news that Ram Gopal Varma is planning to make a film on the controversial shooting incident at Balakrishna’s residence in 2004. In the incident, famous producer Bellamkonda Suresh sustained a bullet injury, and Balakrishna had to serve some time in jail for his alleged involvement in the case.

The sources claim that RGV will be giving his own spin to the story and is in plans to title the film as ‘Aa Raathri Em Jarigindi.’ In an interview, Ram Gopal Varma denied making any such film. The anchor even went to the extent, saying that Balakrishna is dangerous, and the bullet comes to you as well. But Ram Gopal Varma did not make any comment giving rise to doubts if he is scared of Balayya.