Ramya Krishna on Baahubali

Ramya Krishna’s role as powerful Rajamata Sivagami is creating sensation in ‘Baahubali’ success. Ramya Krishna speaking to scribes says, “When Rajamouli narrated the story to me, I got goose bumps, and I knew that the film would be a great one”. She went on to add, “Anyone would go mad working on one film continuously for more than two years. It’s not an easy job but thanks to Rajamouli, everything was perfect. From the first day of the shoot till two years later, his energy levels were the same. That’s how Rajamouli works and inspires the team”.

On having holidays in between, she added, "Even they didn’t get a leave or a holiday. If shooting was cancelled for some reason then we would get a day or two off, otherwise everyone worked continuously”. 

Drawing comparisons with Neelambari role earlier in ‘Narasimha’, she says, “When they offered Neelambari’s character, I just did it. Because it was opposite a superstar and that too the character was a negative one, no one was ready to do it, but I did it. I didn’t have any second thoughts. But when Rajamouli offered Sivagami’s character, I did it from the bottom of my heart because I liked it very much”. 

She criticised current generation actresses by saying, “In my days, we would be scared when we did some scenes. We worked in a disciplined manner and after the scene was over, we used to discuss the next scene. We would never go and sit in our caravans once the scene was over. But now I don’t think there are good scripts to elevate the actresses. If you don’t know the local language, it’s not easy to perform. I agree that an actress may not know the local language for the first two films, but why should it be so that she can’t speak the language even after 10 films?”
On how she starred for the role, she adds, “For ‘Baahubali’, I really worked hard on the dialogues. It’s not a language that we speak regularly. It is pure Telugu and completely different. But Rajamouli would patiently stand beside me and make me deliver the dialogues properly”.  She praised Tamanna and Anushka for their dedication. On the second part, she adds,“There’s more intensity in part 2. The film’s real story is in the second part.”
Ramya Krishna on Baahubali
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