Rangula Raatnam Review

Movie:          Rangula Ratnam

Rating:         2.75/5.0

Director:    Sree Ranjani

Behind the Screens:
Young Hero Raj Tharun who made his debut with Uyyala Jampala in Annapurna Studios Banner is back with the production house once again with Rangula Raatnam. The actor who encountered back to back flops in the recent times has pinned high hopes on this film to be back to winning ways. Let us see how the movie has fared with the audience.
Story line:
Vishnu (Raj Tarun) is a happy go lucky young man who runs a Greetings Company, Emotions. His mother (Sitara) raises him very affectionately and is his support system. And then, there is Keerthi (Chitra Shukla) who is a very principled and calculate girl. A tragedy leaves Vishnu to take solace from her while Keerthi has a reason to be over possessive of him. What is that reason? What happens in their lives forms the rest of the story.
Star Shine:
The Story revolves around five characters. Raj Tharun is a perfect fit for the role of Vishnu. His performance in the scene after the tragedy is very good. New girl Chitra Shukla has the innocent looks needed for the character and she did well. Priyadarshi is the show-stealer in the film and has done some hilarious comedy. The girl who acted as his wife is too good with the Telangana accent. Sitara is composed as Vishnu’s mother.
Director Sree Ranjani tried to run the film on emotions. It is a different storyline with the family-oriented approach but then the sentiment has become melodrama and the soul of the film is missing. Too much of sentiment in the first half took the pace away from the film. It would have worked if comedy is stuffed there. The mother-son thread has no connection whatsoever to the second half. Priyadarshi had lifted the second half to some extent.
Music and back ground score given by Sricharan Pakal is good. LK Vijay’s camera work is okay. Sreekar Prasad’s Editing could have been a lot better in the first half. There are no action blocks except a small sequence. Production Values of Annapurna Studios would have been better and not up to their previous standards.
The first half of the film mostly runs between mother and son with some funny conversations between them. People who likes emotional scenes will like the emotional mother-son thread sequences and the interval block emotions are very good. Raj Tarun did a good job in interval scene. Some fun scenes between Raj Tarun and Priyadarshi also good except the slow pace. The second half of the film, however, is good. The comedy worked out in parts here and there. Core point of the story is justified. On the whole Rangula Ratnam is an emotional film with entertainment. If you like emotions then you will like the film.
Movie Marks:
Rangula Raatnam – An emotional journey with entertainment. You can watch it once.
Cast: Raj Tharun, Chitra Shukla, Priyadarshi, and Others
Writing and Direction: Shree Ranjani
Producer: Nagarjuna
Music: Sricharan Pakala
Cinematographer: LK Vijay
Editor: Sreekar Prasad
Banner: Annapurna Studios
Release Date: January 14th, 2018

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