Is Ravi Teja Turned Too Commercial?

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Mass Maha Raja Ravi Teja is facing huge criticism for his selection of films in recent times. Almost all his films which were released in recent times acquired failure at box office. Even his last Friday released ‘Nela Ticket’ gave huge disappointment to movie lovers and his fans.

All the movie critics and public slammed the film stating it as a baseless movie with a routine story. Mass Maha Raja fans who are eagerly expecting different and unique story based films from Ravi Teja were shocked after watching the film. Many are wondering why Ravi Teja is opting for regular commercial stories while other heroes are creating records with experimental concepts.

Now shocking buzzes are spreading wide in film Nagar circles that Ravi Teja is aware of ‘Nela Ticket’ result during the time of its story discussion.  But he accepted the film due to tempting remuneration. Buzz is that while Kalyan Krishna narrated the ‘Nela Ticket’ story to Ravi Teja, he knows that this kind of story will not work out well at box office but producer Ram Taluri offered Rs 12 crores remuneration to Ravi Teja. Mass Maha Raja who tempted with this offered accepted to do this film.

Rs 12 crores is the highest remuneration in Ravi Teja career so far. So Mass Maha Raja who doesn’t want to miss the offer accepted even knowing the flop result for the film before kickstart. But he added one disaster in his account which depraved his image. Speculations are spreading that Ravi Teja turned too commercial, not caring to try different films and following the same template films which will even corrupt his image in future. Fans are expecting that their Mass Maharaja to change the format of his selection films. Let us hope that Ravi Teja will delivery unique entertaining movies in future.

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