Reality show is reason for a death ofÂ….

Reality show is reason for a death ofÂ….

It is learnt that present days reality are became very popular and due to heavy competition the TV channels are doing any thing to improve their reputation. One of such reality is the reason for the death of the participant.

Coming in the news, An FIR has been lodged against Bollywood starlet Rakhi Sawant and six others for forcing Laxman Prasad Ahirwar into depression and subsequent death.

The FIR was lodged at the Prem Nagar police station in Jhansi district on Friday evening. Ms Sawant was accused of ‘driving Laxman Prasad (a participant on her show Rakhi Ka Insaaf) to death’ with her indecent and caustic comments against him. Mr Ahirwar died on Wednesday, apparently due to an overdose of alcohol and the family cremated his body without post-mortem.

There was no police complaint when he died. On Thursday, Mr Ahirwar’s family, allegedly egged on by a local NGO, claimed he had been driven to depression after being ‘abused’ by Ms Sawant and this led to his death. She had termed him ‘impotent’.

On Friday, Mr Ahirwar’s mother Savita said, “What had to happen has happened and even if we go to court, we will not get our son back.” However, she continued to rave and rant against ‘us ladki’ (Ms Sawant).

According to neighbors, Mr Ahirwar’s family had been paid `1 lakh on Thursday by representatives of the channel that aired the show and the channel. The channel later issued a statement assuring all help to the victim’s family.

Mr Ahirwar and his uncle had appeared on Ms Sawant’s show, apparently to resolve his dispute with his wife Anita whom he had married in February this year. Ms Anita declared on the show that her husband was forcing her to sleep with his uncle as well. Then only Rakhi went on to term Mr Ahirwar ‘impotent’.

Reality show is reason for a death ofÂ….
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