Reasons behind “Puli” delay in USA.

It is learnt that “Puli” USA prints are delayed and Thursday’s shows are cancelled across USA. The reasons behind the delay are, apparently, Producer of “Puli” sold its world wide screening rights to Archan for 1.90Crores, ‘Ficus Movies’ in USA had bagged the overseas rights for around 1.50Crores 1 ½ year ago. Recently producer came to know that the business was good in most of the cities in US and demanded 10% additional payment from the distributors and also warned overseas distributor that  without the additional 10% payment, he will not release the prints. Distributors ignored his warnings and waited until the last moment and paid total of 18 lakhs for world wide rights (12 lakhs for US market) and got the prints in the last minute. Due to the delay in shipping and customs, the film could not reach theaters in US for their premier show.  All Pawan Kalyan fans are eagerly waiting for this movie for the last 2 years and had to wait until Saturday for the glimpse of their Power Star on the screen.

On the other note,  If we look at other language films, like Hindi & Tamil, the prints arrive in US, 2-3 days before the release date, so it gives the exhibitor a change to play the movies on time, especially with premier shows and get some returns on their investments.  Producers and Distributors make their money even before the movie is released.  Most of the time, it’s the exhibitor who is the scape goat of the industry and end up in Losses.

We hope our Producers and Distributors learn something from this and keep the exhibitors alive, so both sides can thrive and keep the industry healthy.